About Us

The SANDE Youth Project is a 501c3 organization founded in 2008 by Toni Tipton-Martin to increase wellness by celebrating cultural heritage, community role models, and ancestral recipes.  As part of its mission and efforts around community building, the SANDE Youth Project has partnered with numerous organizations to present innovative events such as after-school cooking programs, networking opportunities for youth food professionals, an annual healthy food festival for families, and the first symposium dedicated to African American foodways.

With a $50,000 grant from the Julia Child Foundation/Award, SANDE will be re-named the Toni Tipton-Martin Foundation and its operations re-organized to further her legacy of award-winning food and nutrition journalism.


The mission of the Toni Tipton-Martin Foundation is to help the next generation of aspiring women gain knowledge and skills in the areas of food and cultural heritage writing.



We aim to create a network of thinkers, writers, and editors who question existing paradigms and  values, and who support one another in our individual work to write authentically and have our  work reach its full audience.


Program Goals

Our work is rooted in, but not limited to, the study and practice of foodways and celebration of the kitchen. The Kitchen has traditionally been known as the place where women come together to communicate stories, knowledge, and language that is not allowed elsewhere. It is also where the tools and skills are located that allow us to turn thought, ideas, and dreams into reality.


Program Design

The Toni Tipton-Martin Foundation will be an online resource featuring live and archived discussions among women writers, skills practicums, and writing workshops. These Digital Salons will utilize Zoom or another online meeting application to present peer-led discussion forums regarding issues the women in our realm face and the ways to address these obstacles; presentations on topics pertaining to writing and research; writing workshops and skills practicums. Some presentations will feature live Q and A – all will be archived to be accessed at any time. If warranted, some presenters may provide written follow up, which will also be archived. 

The purpose of these salons will be:  

  • To awaken women writers to the ways we have been and continue to be silenced in the creative and professional work space, including the internalized ways we have silenced ourselves. 
  • To explore what authentic women’s voices, language, and stories look like. 
  • To strategize means of pushing back against silencing and to create an egalitarian arena where women’s voices/stories are valued as much as those of men, and we are compensated equally. 
  •  To share fundamental skills. 

Sample Practica

1. How to Write a Proposal:

Sessions on cookbook, memoir, and food history. 


2. Food Prompts

To unblock the flow, find your voice, find another’s.


3. Recipe Development and Testing

4. Cultural Research Skills


5. Writing Memoirs

Transition skills needed for food writing into creating a food memoir.

Become a Volunteer and Join Us!

We could always use volunteers at our next community outreach event. Tune in to our schedule for your opportunity to help us grow.

Meet our Team!

Staff and Advisory Community

Toni Tipton-Martin

Toni Tipton-Martin

Executive Director

Brandon Tipton

Brandon Tipton

Graphic and Web Manager

Whitney Tipton

Whitney Tipton

Assistant Director

Advisory Committee

A team of food industry thought leaders has joined the effort to transition SANDE’s IRS designation from mentoring and training activities for young people to a networking space that “promotes artistic expression within a particular ethnic community; works for the preservation and promotion of the traditions, values and lifestyles of different cultural groups; organizes activities and events which promote cultural exchange locally or nationally; and encourages understanding and respect for different cultural heritages among the youthful members of the group as well as the mainstream population.” They are:  

  • Ronni Lundy, author of six cookbooks, journalist, and editor.  
  • Marcie Cohen Ferris, author, professor emeritus in the Department of American Studies at the  University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, and an editor for Southern Cultures, a quarterly  journal of the history and cultures of the U.S. South.  
  • Psyche Williams-Forson, Professor and Chair of the Department of American Studies at Univer sity of Maryland College Park.  
  • Sandra Gutierrez, nationally recognized food personality, cookbook author, freelance food writer, and cooking instructor.  
  • Cynthia Greenlee, senior editor at The Counter and a University of Georgia Press Editor-at Large.  
  • Von Diaz, writer, documentary producer, and author.  
  • Asha Gomez, chef, author and creator of The Third Space in Atlanta.  
  • Keia Mastriani, writer, cookbook author, baker, and photographer.  
  • Lindsey Ofcacek, co-founder, managing director & mentor, The LEE Initiative